Having gone through the motions of planning a large wedding (though we did later cancel due to covid) I can absolute relate to the stresses of it all.

One must for me on my wedding day was that I wanted to look my absolute best in the photos I’d be sure to cherish for a lifetime.

So I thought I would share my pre-wedding beauty tips, in hopes of helping another bride save herself some time and energy amidst all the other stresses and planning that’s sure to ensue.

See below a timed breakdown of what I did in preparation for our big (but in actuality little) day.

6 Months Out:

Daily Skincare & Facials

I am a bit of a skincare junkie, and so I already had a regular routine of Osea Malibu skincare and Osmosis medical grade products in my line up (I use their Vitamin A Serum & Enzyme Exfoliant). But if you don’t already have a dialed in routine, the six month mark is where I’m going to stress the importance of a solid skincare routine.

In addition to these everyday things, I also scheduled regular facials at this point (with the exception of the 2 months where I was unable to get treatments due to COVID).

The facials you decide on will ultimately have to do with your skin type and skin concerns, but for me, my musts included, glowing, supple, and clear skin. And so, with my dry, 30 something skin, I alternated appointments monthly, between microneedling and hydra-facials.

Microneedling helped me to get that glowy, taut skin, I mentioned, in addition to helping me reduce some light hyperpigmentation and subtle acne scarring. The Hydra-facials gave me hydration and helped to clear out any congestion.

The balance of both was the perfect combo for me, but again, I re-iterate the importance of speaking with your facialist about your specific skin concerns, before deciding on which facials might be best for you.

2 Months Out:

Hair & Makeup Trials

This is where you should ideally have your hair and makeup trials. Since in my case, this period happened during worldwide lockdown, my makeup trial wasn’t possible, and my hair trial happened about a month before. Regardless, I suggest you do your trials if you can fit them into your schedule (and most hair/makeup artists include them in their fees anyways). I was really happy to have tried the hair style I was envisioning pre-wedding, as it was something I’d personally done with my hair and wasn’t sure if the pinterest inspo I’d tagged would work with my hair length and texture.

Photos by Matt and Julie

1 Month Out:

Teeth Whitening

Again, since I had to rush to get into appointments last minute once everything re-opened my actual timeline looked slightly different. But I did definitely plan to have my teeth whitened a month out. And you should do the same, if only so that you don’t have daily appointments in the weeks leading up to your wedding. I went to Mint Smile Bar in Vancouver as their products are completely vegan. Or you could also use a whitening pen like this vegan one by Tarte Cosmetics.

3 Weeks Out:

Hair Cut & Colour

Get your hair cut, and if you usually do colour, do that too.

I feel so fortunate to have found my amazing hair girl Amanda, at a Vancouver salon who’s values are completely aligned with mine. I go to Citrus Salon, who use only clean, organic, cruelty free products and dyes. While not everything is vegan, I simply specify my preferences and my entire experience is always completely vegan.

Photos by Matt and Julie

1 Week:

Pre-Wedding Facial

A week out from your big day I highly suggest getting a facial, if you can only budget for one, save it for right before. Just be sure to choose something gentle that doesn’t require any downtime.

Lash Extensions

While I don’t normally wear lash extensions, I felt uncertain about whether strip lashes would stay on and wanted something I wouldn’t have to worry about, so I opted to book a lash appointment with Beauty Corner. If you’re out on falsies altogether, just make sure you wear waterproof mascara, even if you’re not a crier, it can be quite an emotional day and it’s best to be prepared.

Hair Removal

To make my life easy, I also booked waxing and threading.

I chose to have my legs and lady bits waxed for the sole reason of making my life easier. But I personally feel like this one is extra worth it if you’re headed off on a honeymoon right afterward.

And since eyebrow threading is a regular beauty regime for me, I wasn’t going to risk my unpracticed hand tweezing my brows right before the wedding either, and I was sure to book in with my usual brow girl. But if you prefer to tweeze your own, and have plenty of practice, I say go for it.

Foods To Avoid

While this one isn’t an appointment or a “to do”, at this point I chose to cut out salt, sugar, bread & alcohol in the name of de-puffing, and I have zero regrets.

2 Days Out:


A mani is an absolute must in my opinion, as people are going to want to see your rings all day and your photographers are likely to photograph your hands too. My favorite spot for a cruelty free, non toxic, vegan mani/pedi is Lily And Roo in Vancouver, and they did not disappoint, giving me the most perfect bridal gel tips and a lovely french ombre.

Photos by Matt and Julie

Spray Tan

I knew I wanted a glow for our day, and that I couldn’t be bothered to do my own faux tanner what with the busy pre-wedding schedule. So I booked myself in for a quick 20 minute vegan, organic tan at Organic Tan in Kelowna (since we got married there and arrived a couple days ahead). Whether you’re having a spray tan or doing it yourself, just be sure to exfoliate beforehand.

There you have it! That’s it. My long list of beauty prep ensured I looked my absolute best. And I hope you brides find this list helpful in preparation for your own wedding! Feel free to ask away any other wedding Q’s in the comments. Happy to share anything else that might help 🙂