Since our collagen production starts to decline at the age of 25, keeping a youthful glow past the quarter century mark takes a little more upkeep thereafter…

And as a woman who has surpassed this stage, I can tell you that I’ve tried & tested many medical grade facials in my day. However, I can also divulge that these regular appointments are costly ones.

Let me start by saying that there is NOTHING wrong with going to a medi spa for quarterly facials (or more frequently if it’s in your budget). I can absolutely attest to regular facials having kept my skin clear, plump & youthful.

I’m not writing this to deter you from your spa indulgences! I promise.

This here, is for the budget savvy girl (or guy) who wants to stretch the time between facials or better upkeep their results to seriously dial in their skincare.

Because while I LOVE a good trip to the spa, I also love saving my pennies.

So, let’s get into it!


Derma rolling is most similar to a microneedling treatment you’d receive at a clinic, though obviously it’s not nearly as intense.

This at home option encompasses rolling a needled tool across your face to create micro tears in the skin.

At a smaller needle size, 0.1 to 0.25mm, which is the needle size you’ll want to begin with if you are new, micro pathways are created in the skin which allows product to better penetrate. I use hyaluronic acid post treatment for hydration.

Since I’ve been using a derma roller for a little over year now, I have since upped my needle game to a larger, 0.5mm needle. Because the derma roller creates tiny pricks on the skin, at this needle size and above, the wound healing response takes over, encouraging new skin growth.

Which is exactly what we want for a smoother, more even, plumper, complexion.

Chemical Peel

To be honest, at-home chemical peels sounded sketchy AF when I first heard about them.

But at that point, I’d also never had a chemical peel, and my only knowledge of them were as depicted in 90’s movies… Think spa gone bad, where woman are shown with raging red, flake faces.

Clearly I was NOT going to dapple in something that risky.

But today, after having had a couple of medical grade peels (of various strengths) I have also begun to incorporate at home chemical peel pads into my skin care regime.

I use the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads (cruelty free & vegan), which are available in sensitive, regular & extra strength, and while they are labelled as daily peel pads, I use them once a week for a subtle pick me up, without the skin flake.

No serious post spa protocol here, just wear your spf as per usual and avoid retinol a couple days pre/post.


Derma-planing, if you’re unfamiliar, is basically just a close shave of the face.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And no, your facial hair does not grow back any thicker than it was in the first place.

While I have never had this done at a clinic, it’s because I honestly haven’t been able to justify the $100 + price tag, when I can do it myself, for one tenth of the cost.

You’ll just need one of these, affordable, Facial Razors and a slow, steady hand, and you’ll be removing not only that lovely subtle peach fuzz, but also dead skin.

Once you apply skincare & makeup post, and you see how smoothly everything applies & sits, you’ll be both amazed and hooked.


Nothing beats a solid dust off of the old skin, to reveal baby soft skin underneath.

While I love getting microdermabrasion at the spa, I have to admit that the at-home PMD Microderm is the next best thing. It definitely doesn’t take off quite as many layers, but that also means it’s gentle enough to use weekly.

For a serious skin re-set, I use the PMD and then do an enzyme exfoliant mask to reveal flawless fresh skin.

And there you have it!

As with all things, I can only share my personal experience with these skincare tools and practices, and I am not an aesthetician or skincare specialist. These are simply at-home versions of some pricey spa facials that have worked for me, and I hope you find them helpful!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share any other tools or tricks you may have up your sleeve in the comments.